Canadian Prison Punishment Strap

 Leather Prison Strap Canadian BDSM
Plain and Steel Holes
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The much sought after and desired Canadian prison and reformatory corporal punishment general discipline strap.

Crafted by hand from thick bonded leather hide.

A classic hard Prison strap made just as they where in days gone by in Canadian Australian and British commonwealth prisons.

Overall length is approx 26 inches long including the handle,

3 inches wide and approx a quarter of an inch thick body.

A further twist has been added to this versatile thrashing strap and that is the addition of eight special air relief vents in the form of holes in the main body of the strap.

The holes are punched in the tail to enable the air to escape from under the tail just as the leather belt strikes home.

These holes can be lined with steel rings to give extra severity of each stroke.

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A disciplinarian's ideal first choice in corporal punishment equipment.

The strap is bonded and sewn using two layers of surface side leather rather than the flesh side.

In practise we have found that the outer part of the leather hide gives a totally different slap hence has combined the strap in this manner so that no matter how the strap comes into contact with your subject the full effect will be felt the same over and over again.

Of value to left a handed disciplinarian

Probably best used on male subjects for strict corporal punishment, but why leave the girls out ?
Equal rights for all!.

The strap is all black but the original strap was made two tone, the handle part In tan and the strap end Black.

Add Steel Eyelets to Strap Tail


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