Male Restraints

Penis Chastity Sleeve Harness

Leather Lace up Penis Restraint

A well tried and tested extreme restraint for male orgasm control.

Lace up leather penis sleeve with a lockable testicle strap.

Made from black medium leather.

Leather thong lace and fully eyeleted on shaft body.

A real fetish must for any BDSM male chastity and genitorture activities.

Small roller buckle on testicle strap, nickel steel fittings.

All customers should note that strictlyleather makes your item to order and does not hold stock items.

We are a true bespoke manufacturer.

Made in England by


Parachute Ball Harness Testicle Stretcher Bondage Device

Testicle Bondage Harness

A well tried and tested device for controlling your male slave.

Useful for weight attachment or for securing your subject in testing positions.

An effective testicle stretcher that has been in use for many years.

Heavy black hide leather.

Nickle steel chain and fittings with extra strong press stud fasteners

An additional selection is available in the menu and that is the inner side of the harness has spikes set into a leather liner select sharp or blunt.

A really useful item in any BDSM scene, dungeon or leather club outing, can be used as an alternative to the humbler.


Spicked Lining Ball Harness

Male Chastity Harness Erection Restriction

Leather and Steel Penis Restraint

A secure male chastity anti masturbation device.

The harness made from black leather and steel.

Ideal for controlling and restricting errections for any submissive male.

Bottom ring internal diameter 38cm.
Top ring internal diameter 30cm.

The harness is made short so that the penis cannot get a full erection, also the size of the rings restrict the shaft.
You need to put this male chastity device on the penis when it is soft and flacid,otherwise you will not succeed in trapping the offendin penis.

Its a real mean deal.


Leather Penis Restraint Five Gates of Hell

Five Gates OF Hell Penis Restraint

Male chastity harness Five gates of hell.

An inexpensive fully adjustable male chastity errection restriction and punishment harness.

Including a testicle strap that prevents the penis harness from being removed.

Adjustment on all straps is by a small steel buckle.

This leather device that has been in use for over one hundred years and originates from a medevial design that was used to enforce chastity in males .

Black leather straps that are fully adjustable to suit your size.

Often used as an anti masturbation penis chastity harnesss.


Leather Penis Cover and Chastity Sleeve

Lace up Leather Penis Sleeve

Male Leather chastity laced up penis sleeve and chastity cover.

Made from firm black leather.

State length of sleeve required at checkout

Steel eyeleted adjustment holes that really do tighten the shaft so that movement is not possible.

A very useful and effective chastity device that enhances any erection.

All customers should note that strictlyleather makes your item to order and does not hold stock items.

We are a true bespoke manufacturer.

Made in England by strictly


Ball Spliter Testicle Restraint

Testicle Splitter Leather Harness

A very use full and extreme Ball Splitter.

Made from medium leather hide.

Extra strong ring press studs secure the harness in position.

Made to last and can be used under normal clothing for day time wear.

A steel ring can be added to the centre of the harness enabling it to be used as a testicle stretcher. See metal security items for rings.

All customers should note that strictlyleather makes your item to order and does not hold stock items.

We are a true bespoke manufacturer.

Made in England by


Arab Strap Penis Harness Leather Bondage

Leather Arab Bondage Strap

A classic leather bondage male erection boosting harness.

This design of Arab strap has existed for over 100 years.

It is due to its simple design that it has become so popular

Can be worn under clothing and this strap gives the "Big boy look"

Steel ring goes on the penis shaft and is pushed down.

The leather strap goes round the penis and testicles drawing everything together pulling the scrotum up.

An affordable BDSM item made from leather and steel.

All customers should note that strictlyleather makes your item to order and does not hold stock items.


Select The Size Of Ring You Require

Teeth of Kali Erection Inhibitor Male Chastity

Leather Teeth of Kali Punishment Rings

The teeth of Kali also know as "The monks chastity ring".

A simple leather disk that has internal sharp points.

A stern reminder to the wearer that an erection is not advisable. Originally made from brass and worn by "Sadhu's in India hence the ref to Kali,

Also it is told that a certain order of monks also wore this item made from ivory.

"Dan Browns " religious Villain in "The Da Vinci Code".

Our version is constructed from heavy leather hide, with two eyelets on each disk for a leather thong to be threaded through, thong also supplied.


Secure Penis Pull Up Restraint

Penis Pull Up Sleeve

A leather lace up penis cover restraint,
Lace up shaft cover with skin protector.

Leather testicle strap ensures that the cover CANNOT be pulled of.

Lace the penis into this device and fasten the strap under the testicles thus preventing the cover from being pulled over the penis head ,Now you have complete control,Clip a lead onto the ring and pull,he will follow!

Great as a chastity device in session.


Testicle Stretching Harness

Penis and Testicle Leather Bondage

Extra mean ball splitter that really means business.

A picture says a thousand words, So just take a close look and imagine how useful this kinky leather device will be.

This harness is hand crafted from black leather hide with extra strong snap fasteners.

Testicle stretcher is 2 inches wide.

All straps are 0.75 inches wide.

Made in England by strictly



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