Kinky Leather Bondage Restraints 

A BDSM Specialist of Kinky Leather Bondage Equipment Gear.

My and private Discreet Private Workshops are Located In The EU and England .

Bizarre Kinky Sexy mouth watering creaking leather  restraints.are now being made and delivered to old and new friends.

Eestablished (1983) UK manufacturing supplier and source of hard to obtain kinky leather bondage items for your collection. 

Bespoke leather made for you or your Mistress or Master.

Specialiists in leather bondage restraints for serious devotees.

Corporal punishment and discipline equipment of the highest quality.
Male and female leather Disciplinery Implements

  • leather bondage harness and restraints
  • leather penis chastity restraints and servere punishment straps
  • ball gags / muzzle gags full head mouth restraints
  • custom gags made to your order and specifications.
  • genuine rattan canes and private school style discipline implements
  • punishment straps   female and male chastity devices.
  • whips that really sting and can leave their marks.
  • lochgelly style tawse whith various tail permutations.
  • asylum straps and belts convent school punishment implements.

 Real Heavy Leather Bondage Restraints For 2024 

Kinky gags with heavy leather hide straps and all steel fittings. Our leather bondage restraints are of the highest quality.Leather bondage restraints that securely bind and immobilise, for strict a master or mistress featuring leather discipline strict  punishment. A kinky range of male and female slave exsteme restraints  available at an affordable cost for all fetish leather and BDSM scenes.

Spanking Paddles Whips, School Straps Rattan Canes Tawses

Punishment tawses and heavy leather spanking straps in various designs, styles, shapes and colours are available for the novice or experienced fetish devotee.
As are many designs of spanking and discipline paddles made to classic patterns, or to your own designs and specific requirements.
Slut spanking straps,school belts, paddles and whips made for Strict discipline and corporal punishment implements,crafted in kinky strictl eather.
See our collectors range of braided leather BDSM quirts and multi-tailed leather whips including the much dreaded single tail whip.a short tailed bull whip.
Our special hand braided whips are made to ancient patterns and styles by true craftsmen, As used in ancient dungeons and by religious zealots for many centuries in Arabia and the Far East.

Multi coloured hand braided floggers that sting and leave their mark, true quality control at a fraction of the cost charged elsewhere.

Bespoke Manufacturing Specialists Of Leather Bondage Gear

Our leather bondage gear and bdsm equipment can be made to your special requirements at no extra cost with quality hide leather.
Mistress Penny's leather bondage and bdsm punishment items are made to order by trained leather craftsmen under strict supervision for you in England.

Strictly Leather's registered brand name "Leather Bound" is a well respected and known by serious collectors and devotees of bondage gear, fetish wear, leather restraints, whips and S&M discipline equipment worldwide.

Bondage gear leather restraints and unique devices made in all grades of kinky, sexy black leather by our skilled craftsmen, then shipped securely and discreetly worldwide to your door.Tracked Courier Services And Fully Tracked  Air Mail.

Chastity harness's made for male or female submissives,leather steel and rubber devices made or sourced ,hard to find bizarre leather bondage devices made to ancient patterns and designs.

Muzzle gags for all BDSM scenes made from kinky black leather with steel fittings.

All customers should note that strictly leather Hand makes your item to order from English leather by a Crafts person who works on your item from start to finish.
We do not hold stock off items sourced from overseas or Asian commercial makers.

We are a true bespoke manufacturer of the bizzare,with hard to get designs or items.
Browse our  fetish leather bondage gear in our strictlyleather private secure online store,the true home of Kinky Stuff.

For discreet bondage wear,restraints and bespoke leather whips and tawses, please visit our sister site  where you can be assured of a discreet and friendly service.

There are many companies or people using names that sound like ours, but dont  be confused by this and come to the original source of the Strictly Leather brand made just for you.

Come into my Domain of true Kinky Fun.  Mistress Penny

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