Lochgelly Tawse Two Tailed

Lochgelly School Tawse Two Tails Strap
Price: £17.00

This is the sister tawse to the one tail version.

School teachers from many Scotish schools purchased their own tawse from a local saddler who made a personal version of this tawse.

These Tawses where graded by weight and thickness.

Strictly leathers version of this classic Scotish School punishment strap is made from dense but supple leather that wraps round the shape it strikes (delivering a uniform stroke)

The leather has a special finish that can be oiled to give the tails extra weight for a much harder stroke,a BDSM must have and one of the severest lashes possible from a leather tawse,do not be fooled into thinking that this item is a toy.

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Curved handle grip as original pattern with a punched hole for storage purposes.

This tawse is a split two tail version, this was the most widely used strap for both sexes in scotish schools.

Dimensions are All approximate

Lenght of tawse 19.50 inches long.

Wide 1.50 inches, approx 37.5mm

Thickness of tawse at tail end: 1/8 of an inch approx 4mm

Superb chance to own this classic style of school discipline equipment.

Ideal for any naughty boy or girl in need of chastisement.

The only colour available at present in this extra special leather is brown.

Special care and advice of this Lochgelly Tawse is covered in my article " Care of your Lochgelly Tawse" by Mistress Penny.


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